Drea James - Vintage & repurposed materials. One of a kind designs.

“The biggest sin
                  is to be boring."

One of my most favorite clients & biggest fans is Alice Gamble. Alice has been collecting Drea James baubles, as she calls them, since the beginning, back in 2008. She’s smart, has a wonderful heart, loves to shop & is above all, fun. In between girl talk & wine, she let me interview her about her love for accessories (one of her biggest indulgences) & of course, Drea James.

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

Occupation: Director in Financial Management & Planning at the Federal Reserve.

Self-Described Style:
"Preppy-Bohemian." Having the professional side with that little bit of edge to stand out.

Why Drea? “Your jewelry design has in a way grown with me,” she explains. "In the beginning, the designs leaned more towards a romantic/ feminine look & feel but without being overly cutesy. Today, they are more funky with more statement pieces being featured in the collections. Bolder." The fact that I do commissions is a huge draw for her as well.

# of Drea pcs owned: 34 (not counting gifts for friends & family)

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