Drea James - Vintage & repurposed materials. One of a kind designs.
Drea James is the alter ego. The fearless, ultra-creative version of myself. "Drea" comes from my middle name, Andrea. The "James" has been passed down for generations on my Father's side. Family legend has it that we are descendants of THE Jesse James, notorious train robber. 

I've always been drawn to jewelry. When little, I piled on my grandmother’s jewelry & paraded around showing off my “sparklies”.
Originally I focused on a career in film & photography, majoring in Visual Media at the University of San Diego. A few years after graduating I started designing jewelry pieces for gifts and the first collection was launched in May 2008.
Designing costume jewelry allows me artistic flexibility. It’s like a form of mixed media for me. And it’s more accessible. I want my designs to make someone feel beautiful, enhance their life moments & go with them on their adventures. 

Drea James Designs focuses on vintage & repurposed materials. Yogi Jenn Jewelry is inspired by the yoga side of my life. Explore the collections HERE
I truly appreciate everyone's support & love for my designs. 

Love & Namaste, 
Jenn aka Drea James
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